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Touch Bionics founder receives Queen’s Honour

Touch Bionics, a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies, is proud to announce that the company’s founder, David Gow, was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list. 

“We are thrilled that David has been recognised for his work in upper limb prosthetics,” said Ian Stevens, CEO, Touch Bionics. “This honour acknowledges David’s dedicated and unique engineering skill in developing the revolutionary i-limb bionic hand which has empowered thousands of patients worldwide with restored function and independence.”

In 1981, Gow, an engineer, joined the Bioengineering Centre at the Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh, with responsibility for research and development. Working on the development of electronic arms, including shoulders, wrists and hands, Gow developed a partial hand system that received international acclaim.  Later in his tenure he was also responsible for the fitting of the world's first electrically powered shoulder. In 2002, Gow led the first spin-out company out from the National Health Service, which later became Touch Bionics. 

"I am grateful to be recognized alongside so many extraordinary people in the UK,” said David Gow, Founder, Touch Bionics. “The CBE award is a great honour and I feel lucky to have been fortunate to work alongside skilled teams of engineers, clinicians and entrepreneurs.” 

The CBE is awarded to individuals having a prominent role at national level. Honourees may be recognized for a distinguished, innovative contribution in any area. To learn more, visit