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Touch Bionics introduces new control method for bionic hand

Touch Bionics, a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies, has announced the introduction of the latest enhancements to the i-limb™ ultra revolution at the OTWorld 2014 International Congress taking place in Leipzig, Germany.

Key developments include:

  •  grip chips™ – bluetooth-enabled devices for users to assign a grip to an object and assist in performing of activities of daily living.
  •  my grips biosim™ and my i-limb™ mobile apps have been enhanced to include up to 12 additional custom grips. Patients may easily program custom settings resulting in up to 36 different grip options. 
  • i-limb™ skin active TS – patients wearing this covering are able to use touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets with compatible i-limb prostheses.
  • Android compatibility – all available i-limb prostheses will be compatible with android devices.

 “As a long time prosthetic user, grip chips are a significant advance in prosthesis control and grip activation,” said Bertolt Meyer, i-limb ultra revolution wearer. “I am able to easily and precisely switch between desired grips based on what I wish to accomplish.”  

“Our grip chips, my grips and i-limb skin active TS are innovative new products which provide significant opportunities for i-limb wearers to precisely control and utilize their bionic hands,”  said Ian Stevens, CEO of Touch Bionics. 

Touch Bionics is located at stand A22 in Hall 3.