Touch Care

Touch Care is a global product support program which aims to provide both clinicians and wearers of Touch Bionics' prostheses with exceptional customer support.

From provision of additional coverings and mobile device apps to software upgrades and extended warranties, Touch Care provides a comprehensive set of benefits to enhance the user experience with the i-limb quantum, i-limb revolution, i-limb ultra, and i-digits quantum.

The main highlights of the Touch Care program* include:


Touch Bionics' premier service and support package includes a warranty that runs from the original purchase date and is dependent on the device package purchased. 

Accidental Damage Coverage

With Touch Care, you also receive accidental damage coverage for your prosthesis.

my i-limb Mobile Control App

Eligible i-limb quantum, i-limb revolution, i-limb ultra, and i-digits quantum users receive an Apple® iPod Touch with their product, allowing grip patterns and other customized features to be activated quickly and easily while on the move. The i-limb™ user can download the my i-limb™ mobile control app through the Apple® app store.  


Every three months*, we will provide you with a new i-limb skin active covering for your prosthesis.

Hand Health Check

We'll prompt you to run a regular 'health check' on your prosthesis to ensure that everything is functioning as expected. If there are any concerns, we'll let your prosthetist know.

Service and Repairs

If your hand requires a repair or service, Touch Care ensures that you will be provided with a courtesy hand while your hand is with us.

biosim and my i-limb Mobile App

Our biosim and my i-limb™ mobiles app help control the prosthesis. With Touch Care, you will always receive free upgrades to the software, including any new features or training modes.

Patient Care Pathway

An online tool that tracks your progress with your Touch Bionics' prosthesis to improve your experience and help guide our future product developments. Find out more here.

Training via the web

Touch Care is designed to help you achieve more with your prosthesis and includes training resources within your biosim mobile app.

*Terms & conditions apply

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